Mayhem in Sweden

Holiday shoppers and revelers in Stockholm, Sweden, tarrying throughout the popular shopping district on a leisurely weekend afternoon, were suddenly exposed to the violent and chaotic whims of Islamic fundamentalism. Within moments of each other, a car bomb exploded near a group of people in the area of Drottninggatan, while only yards away a suspected suicide bomber lay prostrate on the ground, bleeding from the abdomen and the apparent lone recipient of an explosion intended for many. 

Minutes before the explosions occurred, Sweden’s security service (SAPO) and media outlets received an email warning of the impending attacks.

Through sheer luck was the only death on the streets of Stockholm that of the suicide bomber himself. Two others suffered injuries from the car blast. Many more could have been killed.

Although the Swedish government acknowledged the underlying terrorist nature of the dual attacks, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt lamentably denied the obvious. “Three things occurred in a close space of time yesterday: A car exploded in Olof Palmes Gata, a man blew himself at Bryggargatan, and a news agency and SAPO received a warning message. We cannot confirm that the events are linked, although it obviously raises questions."

Raises questions? Perhaps. But not to the simultaneity and fused nature of each event. The car blast, suicide bombing, and email threats were not mutually exclusive. They represented a coordinated, brazen, and deadly glimpse at the evolving terror threat which is increasingly penetrating Western society. 

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