The Legend of Colin Kelly

As we remember the recent anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, an attack as vivid to a previous generation of Americans as the attacks of 9/11 have been to our own, I thought it important to recall a story of American heroism and sacrifice: The Legend of Colin Kelly.

This story began for me a few years ago. Living in the chaos of a major American city, I rarely found time to reflect upon the small details of my daily life. Like most of us, I did not often find cause for reflection in the mundane tasks of driving to work, shopping for groceries, or walking to and from the store.

One night, after having walked down Colin P. Kelly, Jr. Street for probably the thousandth time, I became drawn to the fact that I had no idea for whom this little street near my house in San Francisco had been named. As soon as I arrived back at my apartment I googled “Colin Kelly,” half assuming that the search would reveal the particulars of an iconic San Franciscan of a century past. What I learned took me aback.

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